Bicycle Face-

The Christafari 7" EP


Popwatch #7

"Twangy guitar and analog organ and drums like the bottom of big buckets and a general slapped-together-in-a-hurry feel, all put this very far above this band's dull efforts for (I think it was) the Moist label years ago. There aren't really songs on here, but there are compact groovy hooks, and there's real merit on the A-Side, the loud side, that sounds almost like the Swell Maps doing a Hasil Adkins cover, or Doo Rag being forced to play punk rock."-Steve B.

Spin-December 1993

"Dissonant folk-strum, bass plunk, likable mewly singer-a postpunk Peter Stampfel, maybe. On 'Oatmeal Truck', he implores: 'What does it all mean, Mr. Green Jeans/All the bad things I now know/All the good things that I knew/Must've died with you and the Captain's TV show'."-Charles Aaron

Trash (unknown date)

"With so many bands around, it's easy to feel lukewarm about a lot of them, but what makes Bicycle Face unique is you either love 'em or don't. 'I don't care what you think about me, only that you're thinking about me' is a line from this new 7" recorded with Caleb Southern. It's in a song called 'Oatmeal Truck' which starts the A-side. What enchants about this 7" is the tight three-piece band and lyrics which are intelligent satirical comments on a generation who think innocence disappeared when Captain Kangaroo went off the air: 'It all seems like worthless junk/underneath the wheels of the Oatmeal Truck'."-Ruth Bonnie

The South End-Sept. 13, 1993

"If Dinosaur Jr. decided to go stripped-down jangle blues, it would be something like this. All three songs ('Oatmeal Truck', 'Shave the Pickup', 'Little House') are the kind of downhome funk that made Chickasaw Mud Puppies what they are (that would be defunct-ed). A twisted version of rural folklore for all generations to treasure."-Douglas Levy

Indie File-September 1993

"More twisted rock from Chapel Hill threesome. 'Shave the Pickup' is a punky surf instrumental with cool cheesy keyboard riffs and pounding, 'Wipe Out'-style drumming. 'Little House' is a distorted psychobilly explosion. Mental patients will want more and more."-Kenneth Johnson