Joe the Fireman-

Orange Kid 7"


Burping Lula zine (unknown date)

"Phred Rainey and friends give us two fine songs here. 'Orange Kid' is the lesser of the two: it moves along well with swell guitars draped over each other like friendly sleepy cats, but it's over-formulaic structurally. The better B-side, 'A Smash', features nice understated percussion and lyrics about wrecking toy trains, and a great subtly warped noisy last twenty seconds or so at the end, which together with the cool beginning twenty seconds or so of the A-side frame a good bit of promise. Nice Ralph Steadman-y drawings with paint splotches on the cover, and orange (of course) vinyl."-Horsewald Gribbish

Collegiate Times-January 15, 1993

In your Xmas season scramble to find the perfect scent of bath soap for grandma, you may have overlooked the December release of 'Orange Kid', a seven-inch single from Blacksburg's very own Joe the Fireman... 'Orange Kid' has everything you'd expect on the Aside of a single plus the added bonus of honest quality. A fast-paced rant with melodic and powerful guitar work and vocals, 'Orange Kid' is catchy without sacrificing substance. The B-side features another new song, 'A Smash'. Here the pace is drastically slowed for a long lament culminating with a distorted feedback whine. The sound of Joe the Fireman isn't easy to characterize, but influences of such bands as the Minutemen, Firehose, Dream Syndicate and Mission of Burma are apparent."-Travis Major