Geezer Lake-

Songs From the Watering Hole 7" EP


CMJ (unknown date)

"Following its debut CD Feet in Mud Again, North Carolina's Geezer Lake returns to stake its claim on the dirge-rock throne. Sampled voices and free jazz inspired trumpet bursts lurk in dark, Black Sabbath-like soundscapes, providing an intense aural experience. 'Sycamore Tree' is a frenzied, experimental number, not far from the heavier side of Naked City, jumping between dense and sparse without warning. 'Midnight Crackerjack', meanwhile, is more heavy and brooding, like a walk through quicksand in concrete slippers."-Brian McNamera

Alternative Press-September 1994

"From the Mid-Atlantic brain terrain that maps Polvo and Breadwinner, Geezer Lake are a boy quartet that add backing tapes and trumpeting to their ruckus calculus. The jerky and hard-driving 'Midnight Crackerjack' is chaotically Boredoms-influenced without sounding derivative, while 'Sycamore Tree' lilts exotically in a more distinctly Polvo-ian style. Like Tortoise and Gastr Del Sol in Chicago, Geezer Lake give hope for North Carolina that there are people in glutted, bland indie-rock land reaching for something atypical and intriguing."-Ian Christe