Milk Badger-

The Triskelion 7" EP


Popwatch #7

"Fast and bouncy, and crisp, catchy, and nerdy, one of only two really good singles to have come from the VA crop of Anglophile bands so far (the other being the Fashion Central 7"). It's also full of pop-history references, but maybe unconsciously so. When they sing 'I feel just like a frosted flake', do they know they're virtually quoting a Simon and Garfunkel song about the draft? Did they write 'Zagnut' under the influence of 'Mars Bars'? And I know I've invoked Small Factory too much lately, but it's true that suddenly (in America) they've become one of the big-deal influences, at least on the passel of stuff that I get sent or buy. People who like the first few Small Factory singles or the later Jonathan Richman records are the natural audience for Milk Badger, and they're not going to be disappointed."-Steve B.

Indie List Digest (Ezine) April 3, 1993

Five OK Shimmy-ish pop songs from just down the interstate from me in Blacksburg. Reminded me most of someone like Uncle Wiggly. If the recording on this was a little lower fidelity, they would probably endear themselves to the folks at Chemical Imbalance. Typically Squealer-ish hand-crayoned sleeves, no two alike! (Plain black wax, though.) Overall this is good, unassuming indie pop. ***1/2-Mark Cornick

The South End April 22, 1993

"This five-song slab has a '60's mod sound mixed with psychobilly and Buddy Holly bliss, and, when examined a little deeper, has some XTC vocalizing , too. There's some jabbing humor thrown in-'Zagnut' is an ode to candy bars, 'Hot' and 'Old Byron' have inside meanings-making this jangle-rock disc a plentiful experience."-Douglas Levy