Special Agents of Her Majesty's Secret Cervix/Minerva Strain-

Skitchhead 10" EP


Sweet Portable You Supplement #3 9/22/96

"We could be dreamers in this dream of ocean landscapes though we are nothing more than a gull swooping through your own mind, charting new courses in the water. There is a dance that you do, perhaps you are unaware of it yourself, unaware of the elaborate changes that take place. You are thin, then obese. I remind myself of the famous daydreamer. Contempt for peers never seems alive in your work, as it does in that of others. The light you make comes in through the rafters of a gigantic barn and you are in the hay. Hopefully, you will become more beautiful as time passes, but maybe you could care less for beauty. I have not seen any sign of any indication either way, but keep me posted. Give me a sign. Sign this. Take this opportunity to sign from the ranks."-Patrick Foster

Mole Magazine #10

"Special Cervix side introduces great new girl group with fragile gtrs, aggressive lyrics, splattered rhythms like Kleenex crossed with Scrawl; unbelievably fab and necessary. Minerva breaks out revolutionary pop, sometimes lazy before breaking into killer hooks. A real treat.'-Jeff Bagato