Exiles on Montgomery Street 7" EP

The DIY Report #32

"This Blacksburg, Va., 4-piece arose out of the ashes of Milk Badger going through a number drummers and assorted other players before settling on their current lineup. The music embraces a sort of postpunk garage band ethic and Byrds-like guitar focus with a raw, distorted edge. Very good stuff. RATING: 8"-Bryan Baker

Pop Narcotic Catalog-Summer 1996

"The title of this EP gives you some idea of some of Yak's influences. The song 'Jacket' has a definite middle period Stones sound, but the other three songs branch out in different ways making it difficult to describe this EP. One side is influenced by 60's rock and the other side is influenced by present day indie rock. Either way, Yak comes off sounding amazingly original."-Bill Peregoy

Collegiate Times-December 5, 1995

"The vinyl debut of Blacksburg rock legends Yak!, Exiles on Montgomery Street is a four-song outing chock full of fuel for your next air guitar world tour. A traditional pop-rock sensibility rears its not-so-ugly head on 'Rock Star' and 'Hopscotch Mark', capturing the essence of original formation Yak! Also check out their new full-length cassette Hate Your Scene, on which memorable live staples like 'Haircut Street', 'Car Jammer' and the orgasmic '666=Infinity' surface. This is one of two new releases for Squealer, along with a sexy new 7" from Blacksburg's Stigma. Support your local swine."-Jeremy Koren