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7" Records Out of Print Items

We carry titles from our distributed labels in very limited quantities. We've made the decision to only carry stuff on other labels that is directly related to what we're doing here at Squealer, so some stuff you may have seen here before is now long gone. If you missed out on getting something you saw here, let us know and we'll put you in touch with the originators.

Various Artists and Labels

Gold Sparkle Band-Plays Two By Shipp 7" (Nu). Two excellent Matthew Shipp compositions tackles by GSB. The tunes are "Flow of X" and "Flow of Y" and they pack a wallop. These tracks are only available on this single. $3.50 postpaid.

Gold Sparkle Band-Downsizing CD (Nu). Their second full length album, and one of Cadence Magazine's top 10 albums of 1997. Spirited modern jazz, with lyrical touches, exploding collective improvisations, angular muscle and just about everything else you could ask for in a record. $12.00 postpaid.

High Rise-Durophet CD (Fractal Records, France). An astoundingly LOUD live CD compiled from the band's shows in France in 1998. This thing literally jumps OUT OF YOUR CD PLAYER AND GRABS YOU BY THE THROAT! It is pretty intense, we must say. $15.00 postpaid.

Ivanovich-Solo Guitar CD (Amish) Under the name Ivanovich, guitarist Chuck Johnson has taken a hiatus from his experimental rock band, Spatula, to make another contribution to the renaissance of experimental guitar with an album entitled Solo Guitar. The underlying intention of the record seems to be to create a document of the guitar itself -- not of guitar music per se, but of the guitar as a physical entity. On Solo Guitar, Johnson takes the music of random objects and found sounds, and applies it to his instrument, offering us a sort of glossary of the sonic capacities of the unaccompanied guitar. Johnson's musical cartography on Solo Guitar falls into three regions: mournful acoustic guitar that suggests John Fahey and Skip James, Captain Beefheart-inspired electric guitar, and very abstract and sometimes disorienting prepared guitar (tabletop guitar in which the basic tones and harmonics of the instrument are manipulated and distorted using foreign objects). With each guitar type, Johnson seems to discover the instrument anew, and the results are brooding and revelatory. $10 postpaid. You can also check out sound samples on the Amish page at Epitonic.com

Last Days of May-Self Titled CD (No Fi). The debut album from the band featuring former Dream Syndicate ax-mauler Karl Precoda. You've no doubt enjoyed their album on Squealer, and this is their slightly-more-difficult-to-find debut. Improvisational music with the emphasis on the `groove' aspects of jamming rock music. Three flowing, oceanic pieces with a total CD time of 46 minutes. $12.00 postpaid.

Spatula-Even the Thorny Acacia CD (Jesus Christ)-Their debut full length, and a lovely thing it is as well. Not as dynamic/heavy as they would later get, this is still a very pleasant listen. $10.00 postpaid.

Spatula-Medium Planers and Matchers CD (Jesus Christ)-Their second full length, and the one on which they really came into their own. Chris Eubank makes his first appearance with the band on a couple of tracks, and they really begin to get a handle on their intensity. $10.00 postpaid.




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