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These catalog items are out of print:

001-The K.A.O.S. Jazz Quintet-Ritual (The Live Sessions) Tape 1992

002-Altamont cassette single (came packaged in a ziplock bag with lots of other junk tossed in) 1992

003-The K.A.O.S. Jazz Quintet-Sonic Slop!! (The Studio Sessions) Tape 1992

005-Various Artists-The Local Zone Live compilation cassette with Blacksburg bands Blindspot, Joe the Fireman, Steppe Children, Not Shakespeare and a whole bunch of others. Tape 1992

009-Various Artists-The Local Zone Alive 2 compilation cassette with (yes, more) Blacksburg bands again doing their thing live on the radio: Steppe Children, Milk Badger, Haze, Freeform Liberation Front and so much more! 1993

014 Various Artists-Industrial Folk Vol. 1 7" 1995

017-Soma 77-Wrist O' Clock cassette. Dave Jackson of Yak! doing the ambient thing.

018-Altamont-Prague Spring cassette. 1995