Various Artists-

Industrial Folk 7" EP


Various Artists

Industrial Folk Vol. 1 7" (Squealer 014) 1995

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Paste-"Freeing Up the Heat"
George Willard-"Smog"
Will Simmons-"Most of the Time"
Mag Wheels-"Short Wave"
Loris-"Shiny Black Eyed Beauty"
Altamont-"Maggot Butch"

A compilation single with six different artists all working the system from the small spot inside of us all. The term "Industrial Folk" was coined by George Willard of Nut Music to describe his own work; a combination of 'folk' stylings (acoustic instruments and song structures) and 'industrial' touches (noise, static, etc). Seemed like a pretty visionary concept to us, so we figured we'd cop it.

Cover art by Kerry Nolan.


This record is out of print.



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