Various Artists-

Industrial Folk 7" EP


Popwatch #7

"Six artists commissioned to iterate, in their own unique styles of course, what it means to be a contemporary 'folk' artist. Side A features the one-tracked Paste singing about the squelch of the summer heat while fighting against it. George Willard and Will Simmons are here as well (but sounding more 'comfortable'-spare the tracks, not the a/c) with acoustic guitars and their own special touches. Side B seems to be a slightly different ball game with a couple of tape-manipulated interesting drones by Mag Wheels and Altamont and a 60s-ish, more 'song'-oriented piece, with nice guitar and vocals by the band Loris ("Shiny Black-Eyed Beauty"). I sense a lot of potential for this series-and you'll want to collect them all."-Leslie

Trash #25-Summer, 1995

"A single from the Blacksburg, VA label featuring six groups altering the meanings of the terms "industrial" and "folk". Included are Mag Wheels, Loris, Altamont, Paste, George Willard, and Will Simmons. These six "groups" here run the gamut of fucked up loops and textured sound beds while sometimes including Smog-style vocals, acoustic guitars, feedback and samples. Don't be surprised by how nice all of this can make you feel".-Jason Summers