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On death

The deaths of people we’ve never met have cast a fog around our hearts this month. Here are some reasons why: Because even though we knew Lemmy was living on borrowed time, we thought he’d borrowed more. Because David Bowie has provided the soundtrack … Continue reading

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Fighting with A Teen-ager in the Age of Mass Shootings

I wrote some words this week and ended up mailing them to politicians. I’m posting them here, too: It’s Monday morning and my daughter just huffed off to school like she was looking to star in a remake of The Excorcist. She hissed something at … Continue reading

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A lot of my writer friends suffer from some form of anxiety. Maybe that’s because as writers, we’re always imagining possibilities for our characters — the worst possibilities. And we do it in our own lives, too. This morning, I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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I am always nervous when a book comes out. I’m combating my nerves by watching old episodes of the Love Boat. If ever I needed an open smile and friendly shore, it’s now. I’ve been trying to watch the episodes in order. Tonight’s … Continue reading

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Inches and yards

The weeks just before and after a book come out are crazy-making time. Strangers read your book and the past three years of your life are suddenly open, flipped through and judged. These are the weeks when I wake up … Continue reading

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