Past the sell-by date, but…

I visited a library in Frederick, Md., this week, and the librarians asked me to bring along a craft. Fortunately, I had some Peeps left over from the last time I did book-related crafts with kids.

Unfortunately, the Peeps had expired.

Fortunately, that just doesn’t matter when you’re making dioramas.

A few of the kids left before I got the chance to snap their artwork, so I’m supplementing my August Peeps with some pics I took in April. (If you haven’t spotted the book tie-in, it’s this: My friend Rachael decided that Peeps could be canaries just as easily as they could be chickens. And once they’re out of the coal mine, they can go anywhere they choose…)

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3 Responses to Past the sell-by date, but…

  1. madelyn says:

    Can’t say it was an original idea (thanks Washington Post and Chicago Trib) but glad to use and reuse!

  2. Anamaria says:

    Look at the underwater peeps! They’re all awesome, though.

  3. Jenn Hubbard says:

    Finally, a creative use for expired Peeps! 😉

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