Hot Tea Month

January is Hot Tea Month.

spoonAnd okay, sure, it’s one of those holidays that’s made up to give the industry a boost, much like National Pickle Week (which is in May) and National Grapefruit Month (February). But if you’ve been outside on the East Coast today, you’ll find it’s a holiday well worth celebrating. As you can see from this Heather Ross illustration from How to Behave at a Tea Party, Julia and Charles celebrate tea every single day.




My own favorite tea choice: Earl Grey.

Honey or sugar? Sugar.

One lump or two? Three.

Favorite Tea Cup? I’m actually more of a mug person than a tea-cup person. My favorite is an old, faded mug that’s at my mom’s house. My brother and I fight over it every time we’re home.  favoritemug

Coffee or Tea: The only type of coffee I drink is Vietnamese iced coffee. Otherwise, it’s tea, both cold and hot.

Favorite Tea-Related Television Show: If you guessed this was an excuse to mention Downton Abbey, you are correct. It occurred to me while I was watching last night that Julia has a lot in common with Carson.

I’ve been collecting tea-related items over on my Pinterest page. Check them out if you are so inclined! Because what tea celebration wouldn’t be better with a Lionel Richie, hello-is-it-tea-you’re-looking-for tea pot?

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2 Responses to Hot Tea Month

  1. madelyn says:

    There’s SO MUCH out there!

  2. Tabatha says:

    Mr. T tea bags! A typewriter teapot! What treasures you have on your Pinterest board!

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