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Hi, all.

Nanny X Returns is officially out today. It’s available online or you can order through a bookstore near you. I hope you will!

Meanwhile, Nanny X has been put on the reading list for the Land of Enchantment Book Award. I’m happy to know Nanny X and the gang are hanging out with school kids in New Mexico. If any librarians in that fair state are reading the books with their kiddos and would like to do a Skype visit, please contact me. I have never been to New Mexico and would love to go, at least virtually!

I’ve updated some of my events on the event page and am still adding more.

One of my recent events included moderating a panel at One More Page, where I got to spend time with area illustrator-authors who have serious talent. (I’ve decided to call them illustrator-authors because all of them came by art and illustration first.) My own books wouldn’t exist without illustrators who can breathe color and oxygen into my words, so I was grateful for the chance to talk to these folks.

The panel included Gareth Hinds, best known for his series of graphic-novel adaptations of the classics, Theodore Taylor III, who illustrated When the Beat was Born: DJ Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop, along with the Little Shaq series, Kate Samworth, whose Aviary Wonders I have stared at for longer than I can say, and Rashin Kheiriyeh, whose bright folktales are new to the U.S., though she’s been publishing internationally for some time.

Here’s a photo, snapped by OMP’s lovely owner, Eileen McGervey:

L to R: Me, Kate, Gareth, Rashin, Theodore3

L to R: Me, Kate, Gareth, Rashin, Theodore3 Photo/Eileen McGervey

The other event I did recently was the Super Readers luncheon at DC Public Libraries. This is where young readers who have completed a certain number of books during the summer are placed in a drawing to win lunch with me and a bunch of other DC-area authors. Which I guess makes us Trophy Authors.  Our group included Theodre again, along with Shadra Strickland (who drew portraits of each Super Reader), Fred Bowen, Mary Quattlebaum, Wendy Shang, Hena Khan and me.

And here’s a photo taken by Librarian Theresa Wang:

DC-area authors & illustrators, l to r: Theodore3, Shadra, Fred, Mary, Wendy, Hena, Me.  Photo/Theresa Wang

DC-area authors & illustrators, l to r: Theodore3, Shadra, Fred, Mary, Wendy, Hena, Me. Photo/Theresa Wang

In other news, I have chicken and dumplings cooking in the crockpot, it’s pouring rain outside, and I’m feeling inspired, so look for another post soon!



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