Nanny X Behind the Scenes

So my mother-in-law just won the Mother-in-Law of the Year award, at least in my book, for patiently submitting to the direction of a very particular director (Kid No. 1), not to mention wearing a leather jacket in July. The result was a new book trailer for Nanny X. I’m thrilled to bits over it and am posting it below!

Because the clips are quick (the director wanted a montage effect) ¬†and because we wanted to leave an air of mystery, you don’t get to see a lot of MIL in her Nanny X glory. But I thought I’d post a couple of behind-the-scenes photos here. (When I asked MIL if I could post them, she didn’t even ask to see them first. “Anything to promote your book,” she said.)

Mother-in-law, standing tall.



The Hat

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4 Responses to Nanny X Behind the Scenes

  1. madelyn says:


  2. That is just awesome. I love the red shoes! Congratulations to everyone involved!

  3. madelyn says:

    Thank you, Tabatha!

  4. Tabatha says:

    So much talent in your family! Love it :-)!

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