Wendy Wan-Long Shang

wendy_shangWendy Shang is the author of THE GREAT WALL OF LUCY WU and THE WAY HOME LOOKS NOW. She is also the author of THIS IS JUST A TEST and NOT YOUR-ALL AMERICAN GIRL.  And she is also a complete and total slacker when it comes to keeping up her website, which apparently expired right before  THIS IS JUST A TEST, came out. That’s when I put up this page, so people could learn about her. She got back online after that, but I left this page up and it’s a good thing I did, because guess whose page is missing this week, right when I wanted to tag her? Anyway, her official bio, via her agent at Adams Literary, reads as follows:

Wendy Wan-Long Shang is the author of The Great Wall of Lucy Wu, which has received several awards, including the Asian-Pacific American Librarians Association’s Children’s Literature Award for 2012 and a place on six state reading lists. You’ll find The Way Home Looks Now on the Washington Post summer reading list. Wendy has worked on behalf of children as a juvenile justice attorney, a tutor at an elementary school and a juvenile facility, and a Court-Appointed Special Advocate, but her most joyful roles have been as a mother and children’s book author. She also shares her love of children’s books as a Ready 2 Read volunteer with her local public library, bringing library programs to child care centers. And she recently took a job as a special projects coordinator for the Pretrial Justice Institute. Her co-author for This is Just a Test is blaming that for letting her website lapse and disappear.

Wendy lives in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC with her husband and three children.

If I were a bad friend, I would fill this page with pictures of Wendy with her eyes closed or her mouth full of food. But I am not so I’ll just  leave this note to tell you that her writing is amazing, her books are full of heart and depth, and you should follow her on twitter at @wendyshang, which still exists. Her new-and-improving website will be up at www.wendyshang.com when she remembers to renew it. And meanwhile, if you want to leave a message for her here, I will make sure she gets that, too.






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  1. madelyn says:

    Bella — so sorry, I haven’t checked for notes on this blog in ages and I am guessing you are way past needing this information. But Wendy’s website is functioning again: http://wendyshang.com/

  2. Bella Murton says:

    Hi, I am doing a project on The Way Home Looks Now, and I can’t seem to find any information on Wendy except for the fact that she lives outside of D.C. and has three children. If you could help me find out where she grew up, her age, and some of her favorite books that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
    Bella Murton

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