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Taco Math

Are we there yet? I still ask that question, so it makes sense that my kids do, too. Fortunately, they’re at the age where I can get them to figure it out for themselves. It’s one of those word problems … Continue reading

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Tom Swifties

I went to hear Elmore Leonard speak at the Coolidge Theater in Boston about 10 years ago. My biggest takeaway was that he never used adverbs when his characters talked. You should be able to tell from the dialogue if … Continue reading

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The Bird House

The Bird House at the National Zoo is at the end of the path, past the pandas, whose love lives are the subject of WAY too much scrutiny, and past the elephants, who just got some new, flashy digs. These … Continue reading

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I have always preached (to the members of my critique group, in particular) the importance of celebrating. Nice rejection letter? Celebrate! You sent out your manuscript? Celebrate! An editor said ‘gedzundheit’ when you sneezed all over her lapel? Celebrate! (After … Continue reading

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So this whole Daniel Pinkwater/New York State test thing had our family talking this weekend, though the conversation hasn’t been just about the test. “What the heck,” my kids wanted to know “was Daniel Pinkwater doing writing about a hare … Continue reading

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