The Bird House

The Bird House at the National Zoo is at the end of the path, past the pandas, whose love lives are the subject of WAY too much scrutiny, and past the elephants, who just got some new, flashy digs. These digs include a learning area that shows you how much they poop in a single day. I’m actually fascinated by elephant dung, and have been ever since I saw an episode of The Mythbusters where they tried to polish some.

Anyway, the Bird House is one of the most peaceful places at the zoo, and it seemed like just the place to visit in honor of the publication of Canary in the Coal Mine. I didn’t see any canaries this trip, but I did see a Nicobar pigeon, who looked like a total rock star. (My pictures of him is a little blurry.)

Nicobar pigeon

I also spent a lot of time with these guys:


Temminck's Tragopan


Roseate Spoonbill

You may remember this picture of a Spoonbill by Cece Bell from a couple of summers ago.



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