Five for Friday

1. I went to the Lithuanian Embassy this week where Ruta Sepetys spoke eloquently about her book in front of people who had lived her story. The Lithuanians called BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY “first words” on a subject that still renders survivors of Stalin’s deportations mute. A few of them stood up and said that reading Ruta’s book had given them the courage to talk about their experiences, to write them down for family if for no one else. Talk about starting a dialogue!

2. SOLs are finally over, marking the end of the most boring month of school ever.

3. I’ve gotten about half of our tomatoes into the ground but need to go out in search of Brandywine, which grow best in our yard.

4. I’ve been trying not to be jealous of all of the people who’ve spent the week at BEA. Fortunately I’ve been diverted by item No. 5.

5. We adopted these guys from a local rescue group and welcomed them into our home last weekend. Lots of fun but the responsibility has about put me over the edge.

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3 Responses to Five for Friday

  1. I showed those pictures to my daughters and they squeeed so loud they shattered all the windows in the house. And now it is very windy in here, and very cold.

    Congratulations on the new kitty!

  2. admin says:

    I have one of the other guy checking out the newspaper, somewhere. They’re big readers, apparently.

  3. Jenn Hubbard says:

    I like how the cat in the 1st picture is browsing the bookshelves!

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