Almost Heaven…

Thanks to the librarians at West Virginia’s Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library who kept these finches — along with lots of stray birdseed — on their circulation desk to promote my visit and Canary in the Coal Mine. Apparently they’ve had a lot of animals visit the library, including a horse. We just missed the ducks. Loved this place — full of movement, full of life, and full of readers.

Me and the finches. Photo by the LOC's Lola Pyne.

I was speaking in Martinsburg to help promote the Library of Congress‘s “A Book That Shaped Me” essay contest, which is something you should enter if you’re a rising fifth or sixth grader in Washington, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware or West Virginia. You have until the 12th. Now go!

Photo by the MBCPL's Hannah Wilkes


Photo by Hannah Wilkes

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