Mockingbird Winner

I used to collect antique hats, so I thought I’d use a different one for drawing names each time I have a contest on this site. For my first giveaway, I’m using my leopard-skin pill-box hat, a hat so great that Bob Dylan wrote a song about it.

We had 33 comments (well, actually 30, once I removed my comments and the one from author Kathy Erskine). I put the names of the other people who commented into my trusty hat and had an unbiased party close his eyes and draw the name. And the ARC of Mockingbird goes to … Paula of Arlington, Va. Paula is a Virginia Tech graduate, and though Kathy’s book isn’t based in Blacksburg or at Tech, the shootings there — and the need to heal from those shootings — helped inspire this book. Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments, and congratulations to Paula.

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4 Responses to Mockingbird Winner

  1. admin says:

    Thanks, Kathy! Wait until you see the hat I will use for Moira’s book in March!

  2. That hat is quite amazing! And I love that you collected antique hats. You are full of interesting surprises, Madelyn!

  3. Kelly Polark says:

    Okay, that hat is just adorable! Congrats to the winner!
    Kelly (from Comment Challenge)

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