Putting it out to the universe…

My friend Kristen Lippert-Martin said recently that if there were things I wanted to do, I should just put them out there to the universe. She meant mentioning it to actual humans in the hopes that they might have connections who would bring me closer to my goals, but I thought I’d just put some here, too, in this little corner of my blog, as the Internet is part of the universe and somebody might stumble across it. So. Ahem.

I want to keep writing my own projects that are rooted in humorous stories and often incorporate themes about protecting the environment, brothers and sisters, Virginia, memory, and Judaism.

I want to finish my novel with Wendy this year, and I want to finish a story I started a few years ago that was inspired by some art by Sarah Petruziello.

I’m sure my agent finds this incredibly annoying, but I want to explore new genres of children’s literature. Picture books and middle-grade novels are my sweet spot and always will be. But I’m interested in playing around with some easy readers and early chapter books as well. And in fantasy and super heroes, because the world needs more of them.

I’m also interested in work-for-hire projects to¬† supplement my personal, creative work. There are many categories I’d consider, but as a Nancy Drew fan, I’d love to take a turn at being Carolyn Keene some time. Have you heard of Tim “Ripper” Owens? It would be sort of like that.

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