The shape of chocolate

I was sitting at the kitchen table (which is reeseplainin the dining room because our kitchen isn’t really big enough for a table) doing some prep work for a school visit. It was right after Halloween, so I was also raiding my daughter’s candy.  I found what I was looking for and bonus! The package was a twofer. So I set one peanut butter cup on top of my book while I gobbled ever-so-daintily ate the other. And that’s when I noticed it: A peanut butter cup is the SAME SIZE AND SHAPE as an award sticker.

Award season can be hard for some of us. Though we are genuinely cheering the winning books (we’re big fans, too!) this is also the time of year the self-doubt comes creeping back. At least for me.

My favorite thing to read during award season is Kate Messner’s poem, What Happened to Your Book Today. You should read it, too. Out loud. Because everything in it is true. Maple syrup stains on a book? Those are stickers. Dog-eared pages? Affirmation. But this week, maybe what your book needs is a little something extra. A tangible reminder that says: YOU DID IT! YOU PUBLISHED A BOOK! A REALLY GOOD BOOK AND SOMEBODY OUT THERE LOVES IT. This week, maybe what your book needs is a peanut butter cup (or this version, for those of you with food allergies).

You deserve it. Because your book is awesome, my friend. Pretend the chocolate is from me. Or from that kid over there, the one who read your book three times through already. Or maybe the chocolate is from you, introvert you, hopeful you, proud you, author you. And after you eat that chocolate (you know you’re gonna) take that surge of energy and GO WRITE SOMETHING BRILLIANT.




Why stop at one, really?





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  1. Liz Macklin says:

    Hurray! But I think I’ll try to skip the chocolate — usually without success, since I tend to eat the whole bag — and stick to the work.

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