Poetry Friday and a lost cell phone

I left my cell phone in my pants pocket last night and — to use the passive in an attempt not to cast blame, particularly upon myself — it got washed. Friends have pointed out that it is now a very clean cell phone. It is also, unfortunately, dead. (My friend Tracy, who has worked for years in the cell phone industry, suggested, as a last ditch effort: brushing it with alcohol, then putting it in the oven at no more than 125 degrees for a few minutes, then placing it in dry rice. I’m trying that, but even he doesn’t hold much hope. We’re talking spin cycle, people.)

I posted a very brief status update on my Facebook page that sounded a bit like a haiku. So now I am posting a real haiku as part of Poetry Friday. If you, too, have destroyed your cell phone and feel like writing a haiku about it, leave one in the comments. Here’s mine:

soggy little cell
washing machine waterloo
my life on a SIM

And, heck, here’s another.

cell awash once more
at least it’s not an iPhone
Uncle Ben can’t help

Poetry Friday this week is hosted by Becky and Becky’s Book Reviews.

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10 Responses to Poetry Friday and a lost cell phone

  1. admin says:

    I closed comments on this post (and all of them after a few days because I am sick of spam) and unfortunately my friend Christina didn’t get a chance to submit her Haiku, which I’m adding because I am ALL POWERFUL.

    Cell phone in pocket
    Innocent act of laundry
    contact with world, gone

  2. Glenn says:

    Don’t know a haiku
    But my BlackBerry
    No like H2O

  3. Kerry Nolan says:

    Oh no! Last line is not proper haiku. Last line should be “device. No ring tone.”

  4. Kerry Nolan says:

    This hasn’t happened to me, but I wanted to share:

    Spin, wishy washy
    Fragile communication
    Device. No dial tone.

  5. admin says:

    Jenn — I know! Tracy has something like a bajillion patents, but the alcohol-rice cure wasn’t one of them…

  6. Jenn Hubbard says:

    I’m just trying to imagine how they came up with the alcohol-oven-rice routine. It doesn’t sound like something you just stumble across!

  7. admin says:

    Me, too! Or at least I was… I think most of my minutes are calls to myself…

  8. Laura Evans says:

    What a hoot! I am the worst in my family for forgetting where I put my cell phone. I memorized my new number because I had to call myself so many times. I needed to be guided by the ringer sound to find my phone.


  9. admin says:

    That must be it. Clearly I either need to use my cell phone more or get a purse.

  10. Sara says:

    “washing machine waterloo” cracks me up. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened to my son’s phone, but maybe that’s because it’s always in his hand and not in his pocket. 🙂

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