Clean sweep

I’ve always been a fan of those lesser holidays like International Pickle Week, which is celebrated in May. Many of them are all about commercialism (buy pickles! buy artichokes! buy peanut butter!) but I somehow don’t mind the way I do with the winter holidays (buy everything!)

This January I skipped National Bloody Mary Day (January 1st) but in the spirit of resolutions, I am firmly embracing National Clean Off Your Desk Day, celebrated today, Jan. 10. Reasons abound, but my main reason is this one:IMG_3443

If you wonder where I write, you can see my laptop peeking out of the right hand corner of my picture. Clearly this is going to take more than a day.


Several days later: Not perfect but infinitely more manageable. The thing that took the longest was backing up my old computer, particularly the photos from 2003. The only problem with my new arrangement seems to be that now I can’t escape how ugly these curtains are. They came with the house five years ago, and I haven’t replaced them. Yet.


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11 Responses to Clean sweep

  1. Jim Randolph says:

    Now wasn’t that satisfying? Now to just keep it that way…

  2. admin says:

    Lando joined the Ewoks in the sun room but for some reason, Bib Fortuna insisted on sticking around =)

  3. Sarah P says:

    I spy with my little eye Lando Calrissian lying on his side…wait a minute, where did he go in the clean up? Oh, there is that creepy Jabba sidekick I see…
    Well, congrats on your clean up. For me, organization only means that I will not be able to find it later – it may look nice but if I can’t see it, then I likely don’t know where I put it…or I spend extra time trying to find what I am missing.

  4. admin says:

    After picture posted!

  5. Jim Randolph says:

    Yeah, before and after pictures and about how long it took you!

  6. Madigan says:

    You’ll have to show us some “after” pics when you’ve accomplished the task!
    I used to have a messy desk myself. I got around this problem by not having a desk anymore. Just a comfy chair, and a laptop, suits me fine!

  7. admin says:

    The first time we celebrated this was at Junior’s in Brooklyn, a number of years ago. They bring you pickles to munch on before you order, and my friend Rob demanded more because it was Pickle Week. The waiter looked at us like we were nuts, but he brought them anyway.

    Anamaria: I’m building up to it.

  8. International Pickle Week! My kids’ll be thrilled. If they could construct a diet plan that consisted of nothing but pickles, they would be the happiest children alive.

  9. Anamaria says:

    But is that the beginnings of a Harry Potter scarf peeking out of your basket?

  10. admin says:

    I believe you could find any day you wanted to celebrate!!!! But yep, fits our purposes. Hoping to post an after picture some day soon.

  11. Beth G. says:

    National Clean Off Your Desk Day? That’s excellent! I think I’ll join in!

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