Summer Reading

During the summer, I sign my kids up for nearly every reading program I find. I’ve heard some parents worry that there shouldn’t be prizes because reading is a prize in itself (true). But many of the summer programs give away books, or give you the potential to win books, which means more reading, which means: we’re in.

I wanted to highlight a new campaign this year — the YA Chicks’ #readorwriteanywhere campaign. It brings awareness to the fact that you can bring your book (or notebook) wherever you go this summer. Plus, there’s a chance to win fabulous prizes.

For teachers: enter to win Skype visits with authors. For writers: enter to win critiques. For everyone: enter to win books, books. books.

The campaign starts on May 22, when 30 authors (including me) post pictures of themselves reading or writing somewhere, along with clues. It could be somewhere exotic. It could be somewhere iconic. Take a guess, and enter it into the rafflecopters at the YA Chicks’ web site.

For more details, check back on May 22nd. And this summer, remember that you really can read or write anywhere. (Well, almost.)

Not a mystery spot: Me in my backyard, last summer, for DC Library's #mysummerreadingspot

Not a mystery spot: Me in my backyard, last summer, for DC Library’s #mysummerreadingspot




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2 Responses to Summer Reading

  1. madelyn says:

    I think I’d actually made it through most of it before summer, so I kind of cheated…

  2. Tabatha says:

    #readorwriteanywhere sounds great! I like that it has a bit of mystery to it 🙂 Did you make your way through that whole pile last summer?

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