#readorwriteanywhere plus Where in the World is Madelyn Rosenberg?

Greetings, readers and writers!

As you may know, the YA Chicks have started a #readorwriteanywhere campaign this summer with the goal of getting people to to do exactly that. I’ve been packing a notebook so I can write as I wait for my kids outside of music lessons or the pool or school (we go through late June here). But as part of the campaign –where you guess where we’re reading or writing so you can enter to win books and more — a photo of me sitting in a stuffy car seemed a little too obvious. And boring. Plus, the YA Chicks wanted us to show some fun locations.

How’s this?

IMG_4293Okay, not the most comfortable seat in the house, is it? But this particular location features prominently in Nanny X Returns (out this fall), so I really wanted to stop here. Where am I? Any guesses? I’ll give you some clues below.

Carl Sandburg wrote a poem about this place.

– If you want to do stairs, come here: There are more than 800. (By contrast: Rocky climbed 72 at the end of his legendary run.)

– The cornerstone of this structure was laid on July 4th. (I’m not going to say which July 4, though.)

– Martians destroyed this place (in the movies).

– An earthquake damaged this place (in real life).

Have you got it? Okay, then. For a chance to win prizes, go back to YA Chicks starting at 9 a.m. on May 22 and make your guess.

But wait, there’s more!

~Visit some of the other authors and guess their locations, and post a picture of yourself reading or writing on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ReadOrWriteAnywhere (must have the hashtag) to increase your chances of winning.

For writer prize packs:

~Post pictures of yourself writing in a fun location on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ReadOrWriteAnywhere. Then follow the directions on the Rafflecopter giveaway to let the Ya Chicks know you did it.

~Gather your writer friends together and post a group shot with the hashtag #ReadOrWriteAnywhere. That increases your chances, too!

All entries must had the hashtag. Otherwise, it’s like a tree falling in the forest.

For teacher prize packs:
~Post pictures of your class reading or writing on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ReadOrWriteAnywhere (must have the hashtag). Then let us know you did it when you enter the Rafflecopter. If you don’t have a Twitter or Instagram, you can email (yachicks@ gmail. com) your picture directly with the picture pasted directly into the email (no attachments) AND the subject, “Read or Write Anywhere.”

~You can also check out the YA Chicks Read or Write Anywhere lesson plan, available on their site.

We can’t wait to see what people come up with!

Note to any teachers trying to win a Skype visit from me: While Nanny X is a middle-grade, I’ve also written YA and picture books, so I can find something to talk about with any age group.

Good luck!

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