I usually reserve this space for talking about books, but today it’s TV, specifically The Librarians. It’s the only series I keep up with aside from Downton and Colbert. I started watching because I know a lot of super-hero librarians, including my husband. But the show also has other things I like, including, in no particular order:

1. Fantasy

2. Fairy tales

3. King Arthur references

4. Magic

5. Quick banter/witty dialogue

6. Cheesy special effects

7. A good script. (See 5.) I haven’t wanted to write for a show this badly since 90210.

8. Science

9. Math

10. Mathemagic. (It IS going to be a thing!)

11. Latin

12. Art

13. Butt-kicking women

Plus, it’s something my kids will watch besides Mythbusters and cooking shows. We loved the original movies with Noah Wyle, and he pops into the series fairly regularly. We’ve watched most of them, and during the snow, we’re binge-watching the ones we missed while we wait for Season 3. Waiting. Tap. Tap. Come on Season 3!

Other Blizzard video watching: Galaxy Quest (thank you, Alan Rickman) and Drumline (my own high school band performed In the Stone, which is the first song the band plays in the movie).

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2 Responses to Binge-watching

  1. madelyn says:

    You are welcome to watch over here sometime. We have first season on DVR and some of second. Not sure we still had the movies, but recommend setting DVR in case they turn up again. We thought they were super fun. Will look for the podcast!!

  2. The Librarians, hmm. We watched the first episode and did not love it, but maybe it would have helped to see the movies first? Or stick with it? If you recommend, we will try again! Especially if we can borrow it from you 🙂

    also, 90210?! I have been listening to Again With This: the 90120 edition podcast (recommend!). That show could have used you.

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