The Westminster Peep Show

Every year, the Washington Post hosts its annual Peeps Diorama contest. It’s our favorite magazine spread of the year. We’ll never be as over-the-top as some of our favorite entries (which seem to be wired with electricity) but the kids and I do like to spend our spare time daydreaming in marshmallow fluff. Then, of course, the deadline sneaks up on us, and we’re all: Wait, what? The deadline is TONIGHT?

Last year my Star Trek entry made it in with only five minutes to spare. This year, we had four whole hours of breathing room. The idea for our 2016 diorama came from our friend Anamaria Anderson at Books Together, who thought it was an obvious choice given the recent publication of HOW TO BEHAVE AT A DOG SHOW and our February trip to the Agility Trials at Westminster. So I give you: The Westminster Peep Show.

The gallery of the 45 semifinalists (nope, you won’t find me there, but you will find writer/uber-crafter Sheri Goad) is here. Especially loved the Hamilton entry and the pinball machine. The final winners are here. And our own pics follow:


Perhaps a little reminiscent of Frankenweenie, but sometimes, that’s what you have to do.


An overview of the field.


The judge, near the sensor, and the handler, with a treat.


A handler with her sheep dog. (Peep dog?)


Photo is a little washed out, but the sign is a nod to sweet Rexie from How to Behave at a Dog Show.


Should have gone over to the neighbors to borrow some fishing line, but went with straight up thread to show our beagle going over a jump.


Overview again.

Our announcers, as seen through the hoop, accompanied by a Peep Tzu.

Our announcers, as seen through the hoop, accompanied by a Peep Tzu.

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    Thanks, Tabatha!!

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    <3 <3! That Peep dog — so adorable!

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