Books about the Refugee Experience

The news is filled with stories about refugees: what’s happening to them and the debate over them. There are citizens who believe it’s our moral obligation to give them safe harbor. There’s a new president who has barred many of them from entering the country. In our newspapers and on the internet, there are drawings of the Statue of Liberty crying. There are signs in the streets and at airports. As parents try to give their own children context, a number of authors and educators have compiled lists of books about refugees.

Aside from calling my representatives, I have little influence over public policy. The least I could do is compile some of those lists and add them to this page. I’ll add more as I see more.

I’m also putting in a link for the Kidlit Cares Fundraiser that Alex London put up on Crowdrise. All money goes to CARE.

For Kids:

From Booklist, a list for kids showing the world and all its complexities.

From Great Kids Books, a list that will help kids understanding why they’re marching — or why they should.

Books that promote understanding about the refugee experience from Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich.

From Big Blue Marble Books, a list, and then another list of lists.

The Radius of Us and Something In Between: Authors interviewed on NPR

Here’s a list of 20 books from our friends at All the Wonders.

For Adults:

25 Great Books by Refugees In America from the New York Times

Top 10 Refugee Stories from The Guardian

These are more books about the Muslim experience than the refugee experience, but I know there are people to understand more here, too, so here’s a list from Smithsonian Bookdragon.

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