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The One Where I Somehow End Up Defending Phil Collins

Not that he needs it, but I’m here to defend Phil Collins. Yes, that Phil Collins (or, as my husband refers to him: Phil’s Colon.) I am here to defend his right to make beautiful music or complete dreck if he … Continue reading

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News and Updates

Hi, all. Nanny X Returns is officially out today. It’s available online or you can order through a bookstore near you. I hope you will! Meanwhile, Nanny X has been put on the reading list for the Land of Enchantment Book … Continue reading

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Good luck charms

Long, long ago, when the year still began with 19, my friend Chris OBrion gave me my favorite piece of book swag ever: a keychain in the likeness of Squid from Squids Will Be Squids (John Scieszka and Lane Smith). … Continue reading

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Joan Rivers

A couple of years ago, I watched that Joan Rivers documentary when it was streaming on Netflix. Near the beginning, there’s a scene where she stands in front of her card catalogue, which is packed full of her jokes and one-liners. … Continue reading

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Genre Jumper Cece Bell

Author/illustrator Cece Bell delves into graphic novels for the first time with the days-from-being-published El Deafo. The story, about her hearing loss from meningitis, her gain of a new superpower and her search for a true friend, is my personal … Continue reading

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