In our family, we give each of the eight nights of Hanukkah a different theme.
There’s Giving Night and Sock Night (a remnant from my childhood and still not the kids’ favorite, even though I found socks with clone troopers on them.) There’s Book Night (big score for me this year — we took a family trip to Politics and Prose and each picked out a book, including the parents. I got the Annotated Phantom Tollbooth.) But my favorite night is always Make-It Night (not as risque as it sounds) where what you give is what you make. I’ve sewn skirts and Darth Maul cloaks and Harry Potter yarmulkes. This year, I relied upon The Star Wars Craft Book for inspiration. I admit these guys look a little more like Ewoks than Chewie, but I was happy with them anyway.


And from the kids:IMG_0846

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