Summer Writing Journal: Week 2

Here are some more writing prompts for week 2. I’m going to go ahead and put it up now, as everyone’s summer is different. (Ours, for instance, hasn’t started yet. But in Blacksburg I’m pretty sure our friends finished school in May. Is that possible? May.) Prompts for week 1 are here.

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Mini golf: I still call it “putt-putt,” but having once worked for a newspaper under an editor who is in the Professional Putters Association Hall of Fame, I have learned there’s a difference. (Putt-Putt is a more serious business.) Anyway: This week’s prompt is to design a hole for mini golf. Make it as crazy as you want. Write down a few adjectives that describe mini golf. Aim for five. How would you describe the sound that the ball makes when you hit it with the putter?

Letter time: Everyone likes to get mail, and if you want to generate some, you need to send some. This week, write a letter to a friend. You can put a draft in your journal, but go ahead and copy it and really send it for real, too.

Flowers: Find a summer flower. Draw it. And let’s go ahead and write a short poem to accompany this one. It can be any kind you’d like, rhyming or not rhyming, or even a haiku. If you don’t want to write a poem about a flower, try a poem about a bug.

Characters: Let’s come up with a character you might want to write about this summer for a story. It can be a person, animal, alien, etc. To start off, just try out a list of names for your character. Think about why you’re choosing the name you’re choosing. Jot down a note or two. Complete sentences are NOT necessary!!

Stub hub: Have you gone anywhere this summer? A movie? Mini golf? A restaurant? The Taylor Swift concert? Attach a ticket or memento in your writing journal about the event, and talk about it. You can either write a summary (just say, simply, what happened at the event) or a review. In your review, you’re giving your opinion. It’s your opinion, so it’s valid — as long as you back it up and say why you feel the way you do.

Library: Have you visited the library yet? Write down a list of the books you checked out. And here’s a little spy mission for the next time you go: write down the name of a book someone ELSE checked out, too.


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2 Responses to Summer Writing Journal: Week 2

  1. madelyn says:

    Thanks, Liz! If you have anything to add holler back!

  2. Liz Macklin says:

    I’m picking up my pencil immediately! Great ideas!

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