Summer Writing Journal: Week 11

Yipes: How did the season get by us so fast? The first thing you should do this week is make a list of anything you still want to do. Splash around in a creek? Find the best lemonade? Is there anything left on your list? And the second thing you should do is make a list of anything you still want to write.

Summer jam: Do you have a summer jam? A song you loved from this summer? Or even one you wrote yourself? What is it and why?

Reviews: What’s the best thing you’ve read lately? Write a review in a few sentences, but as always, even a few choice words are okay. (How often do you see movie reviews that just say “Exhilarating!” Sometimes, when you find the right word, it just takes one.)

Weather: What’s it like outside today? Describe the weather in as much detail as possible. Give me a metaphor. Is the air thick? How thick? What’s the grass doing? The birds? The sky? And while we’re on the sky, why don’t you go outside and sketch a cloud? (Unless you’re reading this at night. If it’s night, sketch the moon.)

I wonder: Here’s an easy way to construct a poem that will also help you figure out, when you look back on it later, what you were curious about this summer, when you were at this age, this time, this place. Start each sentence with the words “I wonder.” Then, write down all of the things you wonder about at this moment in time.

That’s fair: Summer fairs are often held in August. Did you go to one? Give us 10 words or phrases about the fair that will help set the scene. Did you see any crazy fair food? Then fashion a poem about a crazy fair food. It can be short, sweet and funny.

Tom Swifties: Have you ever heard of Tom Swifties? They’re simple sentences that play with words and puns. I wrote a blog post about them awhile back and I’d love for you to try some. Go here to learn more.

Share: If you completed any of these prompts and would like to share it, write it out in the comments.

Finish up: If you started a story, try to finish it. If you kept track of something (t-shirts, best ice cream, etc.) look back over your results. You can even try a list of summer favorites.

Keep going: Even if you’ve only done a few of these prompts, remember: It’s a start. And I hope you’ll remember, too, that just because summer’s ending doesn’t mean you have to stop writing in your journal. (It doesn’t mean you have to stop playing putt putt or drinking lemonade, either.)

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