Summer Writing Journal: Week 3

Week 3

Squash: I just like saying that word out loud: Squash. Go find a vegetable and draw a picture of it. To accompany your art work, I’m looking for a poem again, or else five adjectives. Do you like this vegetable? Do you have a favorite recipe to go with it?

Words: Invent a new word. It can be something grossish (that sweaty feeling you get under your armpits) or something happy (the feeling you get when you get a nice surprise).

Character: Remember the character you named last week? Now we need some description. What does your character look like? What did your character eat for breakfast? Complete sentences are not necessary.

Scabs: Summer and scabs go together, right? Do you have any? On your elbow? On your knee? Write a little bit about what your scab looks like. If you don’t have any, describe a time you remember falling down. Or sunburn. Write about sunburn.

Ice scream, you scream: Have you been reviewing or ranking any food items yet this summer? If not, might I suggest ice cream?

Serious thoughts: Even though most of these prompts are fun, there are times when we feel serious or sad or confused. I just wanted to mention here that any time you feel like writing down some serious thoughts — about the world, about your feelings, about how you would change the world to help other people — please go ahead and do that, too!

Letter time: With serious thoughts in mind, this time write a letter to someone who needs a boost. Maybe it’s a relative who is a little lonely. Maybe it’s a friend with a broken arm. Maybe it’s someone you don’t even know who is hurting in some way. Your letter doesn’t have to be long. Just a few lines will do. Drafts go here, but it would really lift someone’s spirits if you were to copy it over and mail it, too.

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