Summer Writing Journal: Week 5

Fortune: This is prompted by a fortune cookie my daughter opened recently to find: nothing. No fortune. Just air and cookie. Write three fortunes that might appear inside a cookie. Which one would you want the most?

Bugs: Go outside and find a bug. Draw a picture of said bug. Now add a few descriptive words or a poem, around the outside of said bug.

Comics: Comic time again. Draw another comic in your journal. If you’re looking for ideas, consider: restaurants, mosquito bites, camping, snow cones. Try writing about something that happened this week in comic form.

Haiku: Summer haiku time! Remember the syllable count: Five for the first line, then seven, then five again.

Sweat: Write down some descriptive words about sweat.

Yard treasures: Collect a few items from your yard, the beach, the woods — or whatever constitutes your world this week. Sketch them. Then write

Blueprints: Draw a blueprint for a craft you’d like to do, a game you’d like to make, a building you’d like to build, a map of an island etc.

Dialogue: Go back to your character and conduct and interview with him, her or it. Write out some questions you’d like to know and have the character answer in the character’s own voice.

Story time: Now revisit your first sentence for the story about your paragraph. See if you can turn it into a whole paragraph.

Fireflies: Have you caught any yet this summer? Write about how looking at them makes you feel. Do you think it would be fun to be a firefly? Why? Why not? You don’t need to use complete sentences if you don’t want to; just get down some ideas.

Drop and Give Me 10, again: That prompt from last week worked really well in our house, so here’s a reminder to see how well you can build a scene in 10 words or phrases.

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