Summer Writing Journal: Week 8

If I Ruled the World: Here’s a chance to get down some of your thoughts about your part of the universe, arranged in poem form. Your first line is: If I ruled the world. After that, it’s up to you. You can be serious or hilarious. What kind of laws would you create? If you could make people do anything, what would you have them do? What’s your recipe for a better world?

Listen up: One thing that I sometimes struggle with in my own writing is describing the way things sound. Here’s a chance to practice. For a few minutes today, stop wherever you are and try to describe what you hear around you. The whistle at the pool. The cry of a little kid. The precise sound of a bird or cicada.

Rock Star: For this week’s letter, write a letter to a musician you admire. Or, if you want more flexibility than that, how about writing to someone you think of as a rock star, famous or not?

Story time: Add three paragraphs on your story!

Summer is: Similar to the color poem from early on, this is a poem that begins with the words “summer is.” Start most of your lines that way. Everything else is up to you. For example: Summer is sweat and snow cones. Summer is math packets and marshmallows and mosquito bites. (Or: Summer is business as usual. Summer is an endless line of traffic…)

Boredom: Are you ever bored? Write down some words (complete sentences not necessary) that describe the good things about boredom. Try it again with the bad things. Now write out a list of things to do when you are actually bored.

Dog Days: They call these days “the dog days” of summer. Can you think of any other expressions that describe the weather or time of year? Now, try making up one of your own! Make sure you write down what it means.

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