Summer Writing Journal: Week 10

I have friends whose kids are starting back to school this week, so for some of you, summer has already ended. Still posting this week and next week, though, for those of you still plugging away.

In my room: Pick a place and write a poem about it. Your room, maybe, or a tree, or a space in your brain. It can rhyme or not. Be as vivid as possible. Remember when you’re writing, it’s the specifics that┬áreally paint the picture. Words to avoid: Pretty and beautiful.

How to: Explain how to do something in a few simple steps. How to pick a flower, for example. Use simple, direct language.

Words: I love thinking about words, so this time, I want to know: Do you have a favorite word? A word you hate? Why?

Letter time: Write to a friend this time. It can be a postcard or a longer letter. Remember, the best way to get mail (besides bills) is to send mail (besides bills).

Inventions: When we go on family car trips, I always ask everyone to try to invent something; silly things, mostly, but you never know when a silly thing might save the world. In Nanny X, there are loads of gadgets that look like items for taking care of kids, but that have a secret-agent purpose. So now it’s your turn: write down what you’d invent. If you need more of a prompt, take an item you’d use at the pool or beach, and give it a secret-agent purpose.

Exquisite Corpse: Have you ever made one of those pictures where you draw the head on a folded piece of paper, and then pass it on so someone else can draw the body — without seeing anything but the lines where the neck would connect to it? Here are some instructions on how to play this drawing game. Find a friend or family member and play. Glue your paper in your journal.

Exquisite Story: Now do the same thing with a story. Everyone writes a different sentence, but you have no idea what the sentence is before yours. This becomes more fun as you add more people.

Your story: Hoping you’ve made some real headway by now. These are the weeks where you’ll want to finish up. For those of you who want to┬átry something bigger and longer, check out this site this fall!

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