Summer Writing Journal: Week 9

Firefly: Have you spent enough time looking at fireflies this summer? Spend some time in your backyard looking at them tonight. Jot down a few descriptive words. And then, you guessed it: write a short poem.

Rate your camp: Did you go to any camps this summer? Write down a couple of things about it that you remember. Would you go back to this camp? Was it worth your time? Why or why not? What was the best thing? What was the worst?

Recipe Time: I’ve been obsessed with these Mexican Popsicles known as paletas. They’re spicy and icy and incredibly refreshing. We’ve been buying them at Pleasant Pops but this summer we decided to make our own. So this week’s challenge is to make yourself a popsicle. Even if you don’t have molds, you can do it in some paper cups. (Partially freeze, then add stick, then continue freezing.) Either make up your own recipe or find one on line you’d like to try. Copy the recipe in your journal. The first one I tried was Mexican chocolate, my favorite.¬†Super simple. The recipe I used is here.

Letter to the President: This week, write a letter to the president. Draft in your notebook, final copy in the mail or email.

Peace: There’s been lots in the news lately about hate, especially toward people we think are different. So for this prompt, I’m just looking for a list: write about things that all people have in common.

Future: What do you want to be when you grow up? Why? For adults: Same question, though if you’re happy with where you are, write down what you wanted to be when you were small, and why.

Story Time: Keep going! Stuck? Play the what if game, where you consider different options for your character until you find the one that works.

Bugs, again: Go outside and find a bug. Describe the way it walks. You can draw another picture if you’d like.

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