Summer Writing Journal: Week 4

Drop and Give Me 10:  String together 1o words or phrases (or both) to set a scene. If you like this prompt, try it in different spots this summer: the beach, the pool, the doctor’s office, a restaurant, the car, your room, a tent — anywhere. For example:

The Pool

Non-greasy UV protection

Draw: Draw a picture of an everyday object. A pencil? A pen? A clock? Now add something fantastical to the photo. Wings? Eyes? Giant feet? If you’re feeling extra inspired, do the same thing with words: Write an everyday word or sentence. Add something fantastical to it.

T-Time: Mary Crockett and I had a blast making up slogans for Will’s T-shirts while we were writing Dream  Boy.  T-shirts are still on my mind, and this summer, I’m writing down the slogans I see in real life. (From a rest stop in New Jersey: The best way to behave is not to.) For this prompt, start your own list of T-shirts that you see. Option 2: make up some T-shirt slogans of your own. What do T-shirts tell you about the times you are living in? The people who wear them?

Character: Let’s revisit your character again and start thinking about a story. Write a list of problems that your character might have. You can pick and chose later.

You: If you had the kinds of problems your character has, how might you solve them? How would you feel about it?

A novel idea: Try a few different first sentences for a novel or short story. At least two should be for a story about the character you’ve been writing about so far. But you can throw in other potential first lines, too, for other ideas you may have.

Letter: This week, write a letter to somebody famous. Go ahead and stick a draft in your journal. See if you can track that person down and actually send the note.

Describe a person: Look around. Find a person you’d like to describe. Try to describe hair color, clothing, features, and facial expressions. Complete sentences aren’t necessary.

Seeds: If you could grow anything, real or imaginary, what would it be? Bonus: Go plant something.  A flower, a vegetable, an herb.

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